Devon’s Cover Letter Sample

December 1, 2017


MadeUp Animation

8070 Where St, Suite 230

Nowhere, TX 77777


Dear Ms. Jane Doe,

I have attached my resume & reel for consideration for a Production Assistant position at MadeUp Animation. My emphasis as a senior major in Creative Media Productions at the University of Oklahoma means I focus on the three P’s everyday: Producing & Post-Production. I work daily in Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, and as a part-time videographer/editor for the OU Gaylord College of Journalism, I create multiple video products, frequently with tight deadlines.

I have a general working knowledge of Java, HTML and CSS through my minor in Computational Technology. With MadeUp’s passion for animation & commercial video, I believe my background in traditional video and motion graphics would be an asset. I am also self-teaching Character Rigging through the School of Motion Duik course to increase my animation skills.

Finally, I am the Executive Producer for a new sports series titled “Across the Board” for my senior Honors Research project. My team and I provide a platform for stories focusing on women’s athletics and women working behind the scenes in the sports industry. As we are developing the pilot episode for a true network pitch, I can make limited segments available upon request.

Attached is a link to my website and to my reel. References are also listed below.


Student Reel:   

Character Reference: MaryAnn Martin, Ph.D., Director of Communications,

OU Gaylord College of Journalism

(405) 555-5555,


Technical Reference: Scott Hodgson, Gaylord Family Research Professor,

Gaylord Hall PROductions Advisor

OU Gaylord College of Journalism

(405) 444-4444,

Thank you for your consideration,


Devon Gadberry

(806) 333-333