Too few times have I been grateful that a class required me to attend a ceremony honoring alumni for their careers. When Stephanie Frederic took the stage, I knew that the 2014 JayMac Distinguished Alumni Awards would be one of those few.

Stephanie Frederic

Stephanie Frederic Taken from TD Jake Ministries

Stephanie Frederic (left) is the CEO of FGW Productions & Transmedia, a company that produces and provides content promoting films and projects. At first, I assumed she simply ran an advertising business. I was quite surprised when she described all of the behind the scenes work she did. From that moment, I was riveted.

Movies, more so than the average teenager, completely consume my life. I devour the Trivia sections of movie websites and spend more hours watching B-Rolls and Behind-the-Scenes of movies than I am willing to admit. When Frederic explained to the audience that gathering all of that content was her job, I wanted to jump up on stage and ask if I could intern at her company now. It had never occurred to me in watching all of those behind the scenes footage that someone has to go gather that footage.

Watch: Stephanie Frederic Interview about Her Career

(Retrieved from FGW Official Website)

When we viewed the video of Stephanie Frederic’s career, I was filled with a sense of hope that my passion for television and films and the stories behind the screens does have a job field. Often growing up, I was told that my ‘nerdy’ passions for film and TV “trivia” were useless in the real world. Frederic opened my eyes into a world where, on and off camera, I can personally go and gather content, such as B-Rolls, blooper reels, or conducting interviews of actors and actresses. The final lesson I learned whilst watching Frederic’s career montage was that the University of Oklahoma is preparing me to be successful in pursuing my passion for the behind-the-scenes.  I could work at my dream company, IMDb, and work as an interviewer for it’s miniseries, IMDb: What to Watch, which provides special interviews with movie/TV directors, actors, etc. Seeing Frederic reignited my passion for movies and television and story behind creating those stories and gave me a new sense of direction in where I’m heading.

If you have a passion for the behind-the-scenes content, please leave a comment below and tell what you most enjoy about watching the content!

(Featured Image Taken from Frontiers LA)