Our lives run on stories. From the moment we look at our phones, turn on the TV, or talk to our friends, we hear and see stories everyday. Stories told in the form of a post, a news cast, and so on. With growing amount of ways to tell stories, however, media professionals, both present and future, should focus their attention on a certain media platform rather than on all platforms.

Know a Little About All, Expert on None

Companies utilize as many media sources as possible, and they need people who can work on multiple platforms. However, having a multitude of people who know a little about different platforms is not as useful as having a few people who are experts in a certain field.

For example, Jenna Marbles is an internet celebrity, who in the beginning focused mainly on YouTube Videos.  After her first upload in 2010, she has vastly improved and popularized a simple, low-budget video blog (also known as a vlog) genre.

(Warning: the following videos contain vulgar and explicit language.)

Here is the video that brought Jenna Marbles to fame. Uploaded July 9, 2010, the video made her an internet sensation.

Now here is her latest video as of December 7th, 2014.

While the style remains the same, Jenna Marbles has vastly improved her visual quality and effects of her videos. She focused publishing her stories on YouTube, but she also increased her social media audience. With over “1 billion clicks” (NY Times), she has a Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and an Official Facebook Page, all of which promote her character and vlogs. After four years and 225 videos, one can consider her an expert in social media marketing and YouTube storytelling.

Jenna Marbles’ success can be attributed to her devoting her attention to the said two platforms. She does not blog with text posts, focusing almost exclusively on visual media.

Finding Your Strength & Complimenting It

For all media practitioners, each one has their own storytelling style. How a person tells a story will depend on their strengths in telling a story. Some media professionals, like Jenna Marbles, are better at telling stories through video and broadcasting. Others, such as authors and newspaper writers, are better at getting their story across through text. Focusing and honing these talents allow media practitioners to become experts in a certain field, making them a much better storyteller.

However, in this multi-media world, having some knowledge of other platforms can strengthen a professional’s storytelling ability. For myself, I believe I am a better storyteller with words. But as you can see on this blog, I have used other media platforms to enhance the storytelling experience. However, my main focus is my text. I work through words and compliment the story through simple inserts of visual media. With the visually focused, understanding how to write good descriptions or well written summaries can enhance the visual storytelling experience.

What do you think your “media strength” is? If you’re more textually based, comment below! If you are more visually-based, make a video/picture and link it in your comment below!


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