Something Academically Nerdy

College is the time to discover your passions, and none have served me so well as the Honors class, New Literacies. In it, we examined how the ‘new literacies’ – e-mail, texting, blogging, all social media- could possibly be an equivalent to the book when it was a new technology, and how the these literacies could change over time.

The class itself was invigorating and challenging, a class that I did not so much focus on the grade, but on the ideas being taught. It taught me to put aside moral ambiguities and look at the different communication platforms available to us through an objective viewpoint. Even more useful, the class taught me how to write a good essay for college, the subject material making it much easier to improve my technique.

The final essay required a self-analysis of how I utilize ‘new literacies’ and what I thought ‘new literacies’ could look like in near future. Since it was such a broad topic, my professor expected all of the students to choose a narrow topic to use. Being the nerd I am, I chose fandoms.

After many grueling hours (and my floor mates will agree that they were grueling), I found myself 99% satisfied with this essay. I would not have reached this level of satisfaction without the help of my honors writing assistant, my good editor friend, and her editor friend as well. Out of respect for their privacy, I shall keep them nameless. But without their edits and suggestions, the essay would not be half as good as it is. (The remaining 1% is just the writerly perfectionist within me that cannot accept that something is completed. ) And now…

Without any further adieu…

Fandoms & Social Media



Leave your thoughts and comments below! Since I had only a twelve-page limit (only 12 pages… ha!), there are many social media platforms I left out! What other social media platforms do you think are critical to the fandom culture development?

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