I use my religious beliefs in this review since the novel is over a religious figure. I respect your beliefs, so please respect mine.

Thoughts Before:

My mother read every one of Anne Rice’s Vampire ChroniclesAlthough I had seen these novels around our house throughout my childhood, I never read nor watched any of her work until I picked up one of her more recent novels, The Wolf Gift. I loved how she brought the supernatural in to the reality.

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Growing up hearing about Anne Rice produced a picture of this great Horror writer. When I saw her book Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt I felt drawn to read her perspective. As a non-scholar and known as a horror writer, I wanted to see how someone of this perspective would portray Jesus, a character and deity I’ve grown up learning about.

Child Jesus: A Lost Perspective

Growing up in a Christian household, I heard the stories of  Messianic Jesus throughout my life. In the Bible, Christ as a child is limited to the most extraordinary events possible.

Christ the Lord shows Jesus before he was Christ. Jesus is portrayed as a young boy looking for answers to his past and his powers. I never thought of Jesus as ignorant of what his purpose is as we are of our purpose. Reading him pray for answers and facing prejudice because of his birth renewed my understanding of who Christ is as a deity.

(Small Religious Rant; Skip if You Desire)

Churches tend to focus on the God Jesus who died for us. In reality, it was the human Jesus that lived as a child, went through puberty, became a man and died as a human for us. He lived as an example to lean on God throughout life.

(End Rant)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This novel held my attention and showed well-researched. Confusing moments in the book addressed the idea of Jesus being both human and divine simultaneously. It’s a hard concept to grasp in normal religion anyway, but I think Rice does an adequate job at explaining it through her story, similar to how Jesus used parables.



If you’ve read Christ the Lord or thought about it, please leave your (respectful) comments below! (Featured Image: taken from my copy of Christ the Lord: the Road to Cana)